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does not load.

something is wrong here.

SpammyMcGee responds:


front page!

Great game. love the emotion.

Good God! I just lost three hours of my life!

My eyes are all dried out and my head hurts like crazy. I think this game really does turn you into a zombie because it's so damn addictive! I've never spent this much time and effort playing a flash game. This is easily my new favorite. Can't wait for Sonny II.

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this is a really cool looking game but..

if it's unplayable then there's really no point. when i shoot at something i want it to die, or get hurt or do something besides just kill me in spite of my character's horrible aim. just fix that please and this would be a fantastic game.

this is an excellent engine!

applied to a game with a good story and art design this could be a great flash game. great job coding. nice choice of music too. i love "sleep" :)

what a neat idea

this is a really cool game. you might want to include more songs (though i really liked the one that was included) and maybe the option to "buy" further hints. this game is a very interesting and original concept (at least i think it is) it seems like a pretty mature idea. i would like to see more games of this type.

pacdude responds:

That actually wouldn't be such a bad idea. MORE SONGS? The one in there now's already 600 KBs :-P

i'll second that!

i agree, ninja gaiden would be cool to see.

as far as your sonic game, i thought it was AWESOME! i've always loved sonic and this is a great emulation of the series. my only complaint is that i couldn't glide with knuckles but that's ok. great game! more!

great game

but why use ripped sprites when the animations that he drew look better than the original game?

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neat little game

i think "japanime" is the worst word ever to be conceived. that said, nice effort, but yes, the majority of people who play this game are most likely just playing for the tits. perhaps if the game itself had more depth and the pics were more of rewards like in say, Lunar: silver star story, then maybe it would be a better game. however, if all you really wanted to do is make a simple little game where the only point is to find nude pics lying about then i'd say that you have been very successful in achieving your goal. keep it up.

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you just wasted the last five minutes of my life.

all i can say is, what were you thinking when you made this movie? it's not funny. it's not even vaguely clever, original, or worth the space that it takes up on your computer. why on earth would i want to sit here and watch nintendo character's masturbate? i dont know, did you get off on this or something? i gave you ones for graphics, sound, and interactivity but only because you had traces of them present in your movie. you couldn't even take the time to draw or put together a decent background. it's like a horrible smog descended on the mushroom kingdom that day. as far as style you have nothing. you took sprites and put them somewhere they dont belong: in a crappy flash. it's nice that you know how to use buttons and minor scripting but next time let one of your friends write the plot and then maybe you can just sit back and do nice technical stuff. it's ok, there's lots of smart people like you out there that just aren't funny. dont' be something that you aren't. winners don't do drugs.

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